Ten minutes to organize your work environment

work environment

Most people turn on their computer and start working or surfing the internet when they see it. Sometimes, we get frustrated and agitated not due to the work load but because of how our workplace is set up. If you work a lot at home, or in an office environment, cleaning up your workspace will give you more clarity and help you get started working.

When I’m in a chaotic work environment, it makes writing difficult for me. My eyes don’t look at the screen all the time. Instead, they take a glance around the room and are easily distracted by random items such as books, photos, and old papers. Because of the clutter they have built up over the years, some people do better in messy environments. If you find it difficult to focus, it might be time to clean up.

These tips will help you organize your workplace, even if it’s a bit chaotic.

  1. Check around your room before you turn on the computer. Is your place a mess? Are you finding papers scattered all over the place? Do you see any papers scattered around? If so, don’t turn on your computer yet. Move to the next item and place it. This could be as easy as putting an old book back on your bookshelf, organizing your laundry, or simply putting all your papers in one folder in your desk drawer. It doesn’t matter what it is, just start with something simple. This will encourage you to do another item and so on. Before you know it you’ll have a new environment that allows you more space.

2 Turn on your computer and get to work.

My ideal work environment would only have the basic necessities, such as a computer and a desk. I can then relax in a cool, well-lit room with a chair and get on with my job. Unfortunately, I don’t own much furniture in my bedroom so I can’t move it around. I do my best to make the most of the space I have, so I write as much as I can.

Even though it may seem short, 10 minutes is a significant amount of time when you really put in the effort to clean up your home. You will probably spend less time cleaning up if you rush. If you take the time to get the details right, you will find that you spend more than 10 minutes. This could even be an hour. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It took you just 10 minutes to clean your home. You can just focus on the task at hand. It shouldn’t take too much to organize your workplace. Just do one thing at the time.