An Attorney to Help You Hire in a Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environment

Every day, thousands of people turn up to a job that they don’t like. Do you think it is because the work can be so hard? No. It could be because the job is monotonous. No. Because every day that someone works at that job makes it miserable for them. It can make it almost impossible to endure the pain until the end. Discrimination can manifest itself in the form of sexual, racial or ageism discrimination. This could be a boss who harasses employees or someone who tells unwelcome, lewd jokes at work. It is a colleague in the next cubicle that gossips, bullies and sabotages the achievements of his boss.

These people are living in a hostile work environment. The U.S. Government has passed laws such as Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination in Employment Act of1967 and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 to stop this.

The pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right in America. It is our right to be able to work in any job we choose without having to endure it. Women have been the center of unwanted attention in the workplace for a long time. However, this humiliation is not unique to Hostile Work Environments. With the rise of women in the workplace during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the court was first to address the issue of sexual harassment and hostile work environments. This situation is becoming less common in the workplace, given the growing awareness of bullying’s ramifications and the incidents that have inspired expressions like “going postal”. It continues every day. Each day, employees reach the limits. Employees are driven to maintain their jobs in an ever-deteriorating economy. They have to learn to control their anger.

What is a hostile work environment? Legally, the definition of this phrase is very narrow. It refers to a situation in which an employee is unable to perform their job due to rude, hostile or sexual conduct at work. Harassment may come from the boss, supervisor, or another employee. It can also be caused by management’s inability to handle such situations.

A boss who is hostile or rude to all employees may not be considered a hostile work environment. However, a boss that targets one person from one of the protected classes could, in fact, be a hostile work environment. Hostile Work Environments may be created by a boss who employs hostility, rudeness, or discrimination to make an employee quit their job. An attorney for Hostile Work Environment can file a lawsuit against the management that refuses to or fails to act against harassed employees. In a lawsuit, however, the victim’s behavior may also be considered. Any lawsuit can be nullified if the victim reacts hostilely to any accusation. Harassment must continue and be severe.

Hostile Work Environment Attorneys claim that perpetrators in Hostile Work Environment cases rely on intimidation and desperation to get their jobs back. This harassment is not something that many people can even comprehend. A 2007 survey found that 35% of women who were surveyed claimed they had been harassed at work. Only 5%-15% are reported for Hostile Work Environment cases. Management may not have acted when they are aware of the issues in their ranks. Management is often angry at whistle blowers and will sometimes ostracize them. It seems like a vicious Catch 22.

Kenneth Wygand was a Los Angeles accountant who became the target of Harassment after his boss learned about Kenneth’s homosexuality. Kenneth was the target of jokes in the office and was deliberately excluded from meetings. He complained to a partner of the firm and was assured that something would happen. However, nothing was done. Afterward, Kenneth was called ‘difficult’. He was harangued by his supervisor, who pushed Kenneth to quit. This led to other employees rallying to expel him, fearing losing their jobs. He received poor reviews and was denied salary increases. The boss was merely defending his actions and stating that Kenneth wasn’t performing up to standard. Kenneth sued his former employer out of desperateness and consulted a Hostile Work Environment Lawyer.

Fear of losing your job is a powerful emotion. Many people remain silent when confronted with this debilitating and destructive behavior. If the situation calls for it, an experienced Hostile Work Environment Lawyer can help you advocate for yourself in situations where there are none. A Hostile Work Environment Attorney can help you obtain the compensation you need if you feel that you have been victim to workplace harassment.